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Marc Bird-Kaleidoscope
Marc Bird-Kaleidoscope
Marc Bird-Kaleidoscope

Marc Bird-Kaleidoscope | Parallel visuals

It is possible that Marc Bird is an extension of his own genre of art. He might love many music styles, but no one quite composes music like he does. Using abstract imagery and surrealism being peppered through his music, it’s necessary to enjoy the genius in his work. This is his latest single-a mirror universe in a way. This is Kaleidoscope.

In the way Marc Bird transitions through chords, you see an impressive story. This is not from an artist who is sitting in a room waiting for genius to drop in. You go searching for answers, the journeys in music. It is this effect that you feel in this track. In some parts you hear transitions that could be Bowie, or the wildly different Japanese Breakfast. The chorus inspires you to search beyond the colours and imagery. From the verse layers all colliding and making a richer, denser palette in the chorus, the detail in composition is immaculate. Where we delve into minimal instrumentals, each note takes you on a little narrative that will be your latest little fairytale. A world inside a glass bottle is what he brings to you.

You can hear Marc Bird with his compositional style flourishing in his 2022 EP, Parting. Since then, he has released singles like Mother Mother, which steadily climbs in streams. Waiting for his album will definitely be worth the wait, with superbly crafted songs coming your way. Till then, get lost in this kaleidoscope:

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