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BAYWUD - Silver & Gold
BAYWUD - Silver & Gold

BAYWUD – Silver & Gold | Inspirational

California-based indie artist, songwriter and musician BAYWUD has released a brilliant indie rock track in Silver & Gold. He has been trained in classical piano and uses his music to spread messages of love in pursuit of the goals of suicide prevention, loss and grief, broken relationships, depression, racial injustice as well as hope, peace, togetherness and solidarity.

Silver & Gold is a track that truly inspires you not to give up on life simply because there’s so much more for you to experience, and while things may seem bleak now, they will get better. Bullets will hurt you, words are just words is probably my favourite line from the track simply because of how true they are.

BAYWUD draws on binary comparisons in order to show people that while we’re looking at the negative stuff there’s still a whole lot of positivity that we can look at in our lives. The acoustic guitar has been used so dynamically along with the drums that come in to really boost your energy. However, the track is incomplete without the powerful vocals that BAYWUD brings in to send the message home. The hint of harmonica in the piece really adds this rustic touch that we all love in songs like Piano Man by Billy Joel.

BAYWUD really goes to a large extent to spread his message of hope in the face of adversity and it’s commendable, especially for those people working in the field of mental health who could use the help from artists spreading more positive messages! Remember that you’re silver & gold / you’re beautiful!

Be sure to add Silver & Gold to your playlists for that extra boost of confidence!

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