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AJ La Joya - Hallucinate
AJ La Joya - Hallucinate

AJ La Joya – Hallucinate | Energetic

California-based musician and producer, AJ La Joya has released his latest track, Hallucinate. La Joya uses a unique mix of Synthwave, Jazz, R&B and 90s Rap in his music. Having rummaged through his parents’ record collection when he was young, AJ La Joya found himself in the music sphere from his formative years. He also takes a lot of inspiration from artists like Laryn Hill, Prince, The Notorious B.I.G, and Erykah Badu – all artists who had worked extremely hard at what they set out to achieve. He finally started putting his music out into the world once the pandemic hit in 2020.

Hallucinate is a track that uses all of AJ La Joya and his influences. The track follows a very Synth heavy bassline, that finds it’s way into the vocodexed vocals that La Joya uses to set the flow of his rap. The beats that La Joya uses are quite futuristic, much like the rest of the track. It seems as though La Joya is trying to move progress the 90s rap flow by accompanying it with the futuristic nature of synths and novel beats. This, to my surprise, works so well together.

I absolutely love this track, and I think that it deserves a much larger reach than it has right now. I really think that AJ La Joya has what it takes to progress to be the next generation of rap that we’ve been searching for for some time now.

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