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Mia Mormino – Stick-Up | Heist

Rising electro pop sensation from America, Mia Mormino, has been focusing on releasing seven songs this year with each song representing a certain sin. In her recent fifth release from the lot, titled, “Stick-Up,” she explores the subject of greed. 

“Stick-Up”, right from its start has a jazz-inspired sound that’s fused with fiery pop. A piano with a natural drum beat accompany Mia’s sultry vocals in a raw sound that carries the track until the chorus kicks in. Fitting for a soundtrack to a James Bond movie from the 90s, this track’s complex lyrics sound great over the cinematic chord progressions and intricate harmonic structure. Fusing a deep kick and modern electronic beats and bizarre trumpets, give “Stick-Up” it’s distinct sound.

“I was not born with a strong sense of greed, it isn’t a part of the blood that I bleed..” – Mia’s sings about what she considers deadly sins with quite a lot of passion. She speaks freely about topics as diverse as breakups and body dysmorphia, the things that people normally find uncomfortable to discuss. This is what gives her song a heart-felt, honest and very relatable sound. 

Mia Mormino has released a plethora of soulful pop songs and albums over the past couple of years. Her releases have been well-received and honestly that isn’t at all surprising considering how appealing her songs are. With “Stick-Up”, and the entire concept of releasing seven songs dedicated to sins, Mia has found a great way to showcase her talents for a wide audience and I can’t wait to hear more from The Seven Deadly Sins Collection.

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