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Jack Pavlina - Bite Hard
Jack Pavlina - Bite Hard

Jack Pavlina’s Latest Single, Bite Hard is Bound to Transform the Mood in your Soul Playlists

Jack Pavlina is a singer-songwriter and pop artist from Campbell. His brand of song resonates with soul styles like R&B, blues, and mild hip-hop. Molding this diversity into pools of molten rock and thematic synths, his soundscapes offer versatile interpretations of love, heartbreak, relationships, and the like. His latest release, Bite Hard, gives you a grand Jack Pavlina tour, hitting all the genre joints. Creatively strung and seamlessly delivered, the track has a desperate emotional fervor that will resonate with your love condition. The track is pilfered with dreamy vocals, its fuzzy quality contrasted by strident verses and pop rap. He achieves melancholy with nostalgic sensuality and sentimental monotones that flourish against the gloomy undertones. 

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Jack’s discography is a collection of musical moods; reflecting the artist’s consciousness and headspace while making it. His work is largely autobiographical, as he draws from personal experiences to infuse real emotion into his sonic tales. He debuted in early 2020 with his double single, Emotion Arcade, releasing an album (SHED) and over ten singles in three years. Listen Now! 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Bite Hard by Jack Pavlina here – 

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