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Joey Paradis – MABY
Joey Paradis – MABY

Joey Paradis – MABY | Dexterity Groove

Los Angeles DJ and electronic music producer Joey Paradis has a fresh new pop single titled MABY. The song features vocalist Otto Palmborg with a stunning performance. Joey is a versatile producer working in genres like Electronica, Pop, EDM, Trap, Futurebass, Urban, and House.

The song begins with some enchanting synths and a memorable musical lick motif is established. That lick is the basis of the song and keeps repeating through the arrangement. Then the vocal enter and craft a danceable electronic pop song with some very compelling production. The beats are quite groovy while Otto’s vocals are incredibly well performed. The vocal melody itself is quite engaging and is performed with the intricacy required for the part.

The arrangement might have a relaxed, mellow groove, with a smooth, flowing rhythm that is easy to dance to. Overall, this type of song would be perfect for a party or a relaxed evening at home, with a vibe that is both chill and danceable.

Joey Paradis adds elements of Tech House to a root of funky Deep Disco which is called ‘Deep Jackin’. He brings his unique bass driven hybrid dance music into this track. The song’s arrangement is well-crafted and effective, with the memorable lick motif tying the different elements together seamlessly. The track’s mix of electronic, pop and urban elements creates a sound that is both fresh and familiar, making it accessible to a wide range of listeners.

The track’s groovy beats and catchy melodies make it an instant dance floor favorite, and it’s sure to be a hit with electronic music fans of all kinds. MABY is a testament to Joey Paradis’ creativity and talent as a producer and artist.

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