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“Drums Of War”, by LearningToDive: Dark, ominous journeys through space and time

When it comes to writing dark music, there are certain things that the songwriter needs to hit. Some of them include creating the perfect atmosphere for you to ramble on about your thoughts while the song fades into the background, making the listener feel a certain melancholy as they listen to your music, among other things. “Drums Of War”, by LearningToDive is a perfect example of all of those things coming together to create something rather unique. Keep reading my thoughts on this song.

The production of this song strikes me as dark; creating a sequence of layers that assault the listener’s senses one after the other creating an overall atmosphere of introspection come out—one of deep thought, above all else. During my time listening to this song, I was transported to existence only to be brought back by my own mere mortality. Ironic, really, given that, a lot of my time is spent listening to darker music—be it the depths of European metal, or a sad ballad that goes perfectly with a drink in the hand.

As the vocals enter the picture, there is a certain sense or finesse of good execution and thought put into the music. There are plenty of instances where I picked up something creative about the mix and I think that deserves appreciation. I thoroughly loved listening to the way that the sounds blend into each other creating the perfect mix for the song to have the feel that it aims to achieve. And achieve it does– rather gracefully!

With “Drums Of War”, LearningToDive has a real winner on their hands! Check it out here:

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