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Clay Joule – Nothing Like Loving You
Clay Joule – Nothing Like Loving You

Clay Joule – Nothing Like Loving You | Twangy Love

New York musician Clay Joule presents us his latest romantic folk rock song Nothing Like Loving You. The song is produced by Truwan Studio. Joule has been a prolific rapper growing up in the NYC area. Clay has been versatile, juggling genres and musical technical and lyrical themes with ease.

The song is an indie folk rock song with a prominent banjo and bass line. The bass line is pulsating and gives a rounded feel to the song. The emotions of the song and the feel along with some compelling performances is an outlier for songs in the genre. This heartfelt song creates tight songwriting with production and recording which elevate the overall song, serving the primary harmony and melody.

The song’s banjo and the bass line also contribute to its unique sound, with the banjo adding a folksy twang and the bass providing a steady pulse that drives the song forward. We get a sweet emotive vocal performance by Clay Joule. One of the standout elements of “Nothing Like Loving You” is Joule’s vocal performance. His emotive delivery brings a sense of sincerity and emotional depth to the lyrics, which explore the theme of love

The final mastering and mixing of the song are a little raw, which may have been done on purpose to fit the track’s old vibe. The song’s production quality isn’t as polished as most mainstream releases, however, that fits the retro sound perfectly. Beyond that one can clearly see the songwriting prowess of Clay. The song’s chorus, in particular, is catchy and memorable.

Nothing Like Loving You is a bittersweet song by Clay Joule along with infectious joyful energy with some tasty twang.

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