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Lukx – Hello | Immersive Ecstacy

Lukx is the result of a father and son duo where Lukx is the singer/songwriter of the project and his dad produces his tracks. They are Belgian & Swedish, currently based in Belgium. Mixing French and English lyrics, their tracks project an ecstatic blend of Hip-Hop/Rap and Pop. This is undoubtedly a unique project and the way this father-son duo weaves music that is soulful is truly a wonder. You should give this duo a go and trust me, you will find something so unique that you might hold on to for life.

I was thrilled by this duo’s distinctive sense of musicality and that is what got me hooked on these guys. They surely know how to create a vibe that is immersive and captivating. Their latest release, ‘Hello’ is a track that will fill you up with motivation. The track packs some intricate melodies which complement the whole vibe of the track. The lyrics are well-written and sung with beauty. The pop elements of the track are so beautifully arranged that they seem surreal. This is a great track to kick start a day and can easily replace the morning coffee. This track is bound to resonate with the masses and motivate them to the core. The laid-back yet energizing feel of the track is remarkable. Do give this amazing track a go if you’re looking for your morning motivation. I will add this track to my personal morning playlist for sure. Do give it a go!

You can catch a little glimpse of ‘Hello’ by Lukx here-

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