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Craig Gould | Out of the Woods | Enchanting Bliss | Ballad Rock
Craig Gould | Out of the Woods | Enchanting Bliss | Ballad Rock

Craig Gould – Out of the Woods | Enchanting Bliss

Music is nothing but pleasant sounds layered together. The babbling of brooks, the raging waters in the river or even the blissful sound of the waves or insects in the forest. These are sounds of nature that just trigger a feeling of relaxation and bliss. Especially the sound of flowing water. You could compare Craig Gould’s music to these sounds. If not for the sound of a babbling brook, I would play Craig’s music out loud and bask in the bliss of his beautiful music.

Craig Gould, a UK-based Americana/Folk artist known for his beautiful songwriting and powerful voice, has released a new single titled “Out of the woods.” As a proponent of using songwriting as a form of recovery and therapy in the fight against mental illness, Craig’s latest single delivers an uplifting and joyful anthem that showcases his unique blend of country music and alt-folk. As with his previous releases, Craig has pledged to donate all profits from the single, as well as his upcoming album, to CALM, a mental health charity supporting the Campaign Against Living Miserably.

“Out of the Woods” is a single that just teleports you back to the countryside a few hundred years ago. No internet, no phones, just living in the moment and trying to get through every day. A blissful state of existence that is almost a luxury in today’s world. But Craig is benevolent enough to share this experience and instill a feeling of true calmness and bliss through his wonderful music.

The song is a joyous and uplifting anthem, with lively instrumentation that perfectly complements the positive message of the lyrics. The song’s empowering message encourages listeners to persevere through tough times and find hope and joy on the other side. The use of acoustic guitars, harmonica, and percussion in the instrumental section adds a rich texture to the song and elevates the overall listening experience. Craig’s powerful voice and beautifully crafted lyrics bring the song to life, making “Out of the woods” a standout track in his discography.

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