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Mia Delamar - Cool
Mia Delamar - Cool

Mia Delamar – Cool | Sassy Condolence

Mia Delamar is a singer-songwriter, musician, choreographer, dancer and actress from Atlanta, Georgia. Her EP, Focus, released under the patronage of New-York’s Award-Winning Producer/Director David Wenzel showcases her expansive vocal prowess and song-writing abilities. With glistening vocals, catchy lyrics and euphonic harmonies, Mia Delamar presents her brand new single, Cool.

The song sports mellow melodies and beats that readily diffuse into your headspace and leak into the air around you. Its soft warmth shimmies through the track and balances out the coolness of the lyrics. The conversational lyrics carve out a well-told story that instantly engages the support and empathy of the listener.

The artist’s vocal timber is enviably unique and rich with emotions and memories. The smooth milk-chocolate vocals flow with unfazed sass and cheeky style. Ice cold, blue veins underpin the blossoming orange melodies and harmonies as the vocals condemns and dusts off the apologies of the ex-lover without clemency.

Infused with addictive rhythms, contagious grooves, and breezy disposition, the song seeps into your brain and sets up shop. The artist uses the song to serve up a valley of stories, emotions and feelings that compel the listener to keep coming back.

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music and Gaana.

Listen to Cool by Mia Delamar here –

Mia Delamar – Cool

Check out the official video of the song here –

Mia Delamar – Cool Official Video

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