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The Margaret Hooligans Brew a Potent Mix of Rock and Blues in “Witch On The Corner”

Get ready to experience the explosive sound of The Margaret Hooligans! This dynamic duo, made up of Meg Cratty on electric ukulele and lead vocals and Mr. Strontium on drums, teapot, and backup vocals, infuses garage rock, funk, and soul to create a mesmerizing blend of sound. Their influences include iconic acts such as The Who, James Brown, Miles Davis, and Fiona Apple, yet their music is entirely their own. With their infectious energy and raw talent, The Margaret Hooligans have been proclaimed as the most exciting band of the 21st century by none other than Pete Townshend himself. Don’t miss out on the chance to witness their genius firsthand!

Hold onto your hats because The Margaret Hooligans are back with “Witch On The Corner!” This high-octane track will have you feeling like you’re on a wild ride through the desert, with nothing but the scorching hot sun and the electrifying sounds of rock and blues to keep you going.

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With lyrics that tell the tale of a woman who is wary of outsiders until she meets her match, “Witch On The Corner” is a story that will keep you hooked until the very end. The song is made up of so many musical layers like spine-tingling harmonica and electric guitar riffs that leave you breathless, tied together with the powerful beat of the drums.

As the song builds to its climax, the vocals of the talented duo take centre stage, with their energy and passion driving the song to new heights. You won’t be able to resist the urge to sing along to the catchy chorus, and the surprise addition of male vocals at the end adds an extra layer of excitement to the already explosive sound.

“Witch On The Corner” is a song that will have you hitting the repeat button over and over again, as you discover new layers of sound and meaning with each listen. From the powerful vocals to the dynamic instrumentation, this track is a complete package that will have you coming back for more. So, hold on tight and get ready for a wild ride with The Margaret Hooligans and “Witch On The Corner!”

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Enjoy listening to “Witch On The Corner” here.

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