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Pete Campbell – Bring To The Dawn | Relaxing

Pete Campbell is a folk and blues singer-songwriter with a distinct flair. His voice, like his guitar playing, is instantly recognizable. He is capable of maintaining audience attention from front to back with his captivating storytelling and heartfelt vocals. As one who never ceases to evolve as an artist, he played the guitar with Sydney rockers Brave and Crazy and Maryanne Rex Band in the 1990s and early 2000s, after which he takes a break from performing until resurfacing as a solo artist. Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Allman Brothers, Neil Finn, and Bernard Fanning are his inspirations. As one of Australia’s most outstanding live performers, he is now well acknowledged.

Pete has recently released a new single ‘Bring To The Dawn.’ Although the song’s title, ‘Bring To The Dawn,’ may appear cryptic at first, it does provide some insight into the type of sound we’ll be hearing once we press play. From the first rhythm, you can tell this is something different, something a little more vibrant and soothing, something you’d hear at a cafe. After a brief period of simply enjoying the music and letting Campbell’s words wash over you, his approach becomes more deep and philosophical than initial glimpses suggest. He talks about putting on a strong front while facing everyday challenges.  One of the most enjoyable aspects of music creation is the ability to completely immerse yourself in another environment. Campbell has done well in making this happen with his new song!

Enjoy listening to Bring To The Dawn here.

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