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In the Shallows-Let's Not Start a War
In the Shallows-Let's Not Start a War
In the Shallows-Let's Not Start a War

In the Shallows-Let’s Not Start a War | Euphonius

One of the most underrated albums of the early 70’s for me was Buckingham Nicks. It had undeniable chemistry, palpable tension, and solid melodies, which are some of the best even to this day. It is the chance meeting of converging forces, with a nuclear intention. In the Shallows reflect the same intangible fabric of the Fleetwood Mac pioneers with their new single Let’s Not Start a War.

With a painfully resplendent melody as the background symphony, Danni Parsons and Lance Shepherd channel in the chimes of folk-rock and acoustic deep grooves. Let’s not forget, indie folk is quite popular a genre to experiment with. However, this duo seems to have a solid foundation already. The song has enchanting piano sections, guitar rhythms and layers that seem to have encased the energy of fireflies in a glass. A powerful message drives through with an even stronger vocal section, Parsons and Shepherd complimenting each other’s voices effortlessly.

The right tools and moment converge to create this euphoric track. It is a fan favorite as well, climbing in popularity with their other symphonies, Kia Mau Tonu & the In the Shallows album. In the Shallows seem to have brought the magic of indie-folk back. Goes without saying, but we’re looking forward to being ensnared in their spell.

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