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Renegade: SAGE SUEDE’s Album Is a Fusion of Music and Art

SAGE SUEDE, the electronic music pioneer from Austin, Texas, is taking the world by storm with his unique fusion of music, art, and language. His worldwide fame as a model and musician is well-deserved, and he’s just getting started. From the locally celebrated Thicc Juicy Bass to the stunning visual album Foolin Around, featuring fire swallowing, sword twirling, and colorful smoke grenades, SAGE SUEDE has released hit after hit. With collaborations with artists like Honey-B-Sweet in Australia and BAD NINJA, SAGE SUEDE’s music is a cultural melting pot that’s sure to satisfy any music lover’s cravings.

Let’s dive into Sage’s latest album, “Renegade.”

The 11-track masterpiece kicks off with the seductive and addictive “New Diet” in collaboration with Girlxhighlight. Sage’s smooth vocals, paired with a female chorus, create a sensual vibe that’s almost like rap. The delivery was flawless and had me hooked from the start.

The lethal aura exuded by “My dank is deadly” is amplified by its mechanical and distorted vocalizations, punctuated by an urgent symphony of synthesizers and beats, making it the quintessential soundtrack for any heart-pounding thriller film.

The third installment of the album introduces “Just Trippin (Sugar Baby in the Kitchen),” an electrifying track that commences with an exceptional bassline, paving the way for the entrancing vocals. The song’s delivery is nothing short of extraordinary, amplified by the grandiose music that envelops it with an alluring undertone, teasing the listener with each note.

The fourth tune, “Lil Peach,” is a captivating collaboration with Honey-B-Sweet that ignites an irresistible urge to bob one’s head along to the beat. The remarkable synths and percussion work create an infectious groove that is further intensified by the outstanding female vocals, exemplifying the song’s high-energy vibe.

With the fifth track, “Thief in Blue,” prepare to be transported on a hypnotic ride that is truly out of this world. The music is a masterpiece, with the keys creating a trippy atmosphere that envelops you in its spellbinding grip. As the intensity builds and the vibe turns darker, you find yourself utterly captivated, unable to get enough of this enchanting journey.

The sixth track, “Weed Cookies – SAGE Alt Funk remix,” brings a fresh twist to the album with its alt-funk touch, setting it apart from the rest. The song is a musical marvel, with many layers that demand to be heard through headphones to appreciate fully. It’s a fusion of electro and rock, woven together seamlessly with the most enjoyable vocals that will leave you hooked from start to finish.

The next song on the album, “You Go Girl- Dazmin Guitar Remix,” is a sexy and trippy track that delivers a sensational mix of electro, pop, and mesmerizing beats lurking in the subtle background. The combination of male and female vocals, accompanied by hypnotic synths, creates an amazing soundscape that will leave you spellbound.

“Funked Out in Cocky Fresh” is a funky track that will have you grooving in no time! The lively and peppy music is nothing short of amazing, and it’s yet another hypnotic addition to the album with a unique vocal delivery that adds to its charm.

The next track on the album is “Suck My Dick With Rock Candy,” a mysterious and captivating tune that features stunning musical arrangements and dynamic vocals that seamlessly transition from high-energy to whisper-like tones. The song’s musicality is outstanding, with each element carefully crafted to create an enigmatic atmosphere that pulls the listener in.

“Gushy Kush Girl” by SAGE SUEDE opens with a mesmerizing blend of sensuous and magical music that immediately transports the listener to another world. The song’s trippy vibe creates an alluring atmosphere that draws you in and leaves you feeling enchanted. The repeating lines throughout the song are so catchy and hypnotic that they will linger in your mind long after the song is over, with the amazing bassline providing the perfect backbone for the entire track.

The electrifying conclusion to the album is none other than “Put a Towel Down Bro (BAD NINJA remix),” a song that’s sure to leave you utterly captivated. The mesmerizing beats are so enthralling that you’ll be hooked from the very first note, and the bassline, in particular, steals the show. The synths are equally impressive, imbuing the track with an edgy and ambient quality that’s further complemented by the soulful vocals. You’ll find it impossible to resist the urge to move along to the rhythm as the song’s infectious energy takes hold of you.

Enjoy listening to “Renegade” here.

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