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Milano The Don- Money Talk| Here To Make Your Day Better

Milano the Don is an outstanding New Jersey-based rapper and producer with spectacular versatility. When it comes to music, Milano’s so versatile he can’t be compared to anyone else. With his primary focus on hard trap production, hybrid trap, and jersey club beats   In terms of rap style and versatility, this man can be compared to no one but himself.

He has released numerous singles and EPs. Glocks(2021) was a huge hit.

Milano, a popular producer of techno-rap music and culture, has just come up with an amazing new track called “Money Talk” in collaboration with M.I.M.E., a rapper from the UK. M.I.M.E is an outstanding rapper. M.I.M.E’s career took off in 2018 as he surpassed 100 million streams on his releases. Top tracks include “Unofficial Trap Anthem,” which has received over 200 million streams, “Enslaved,” which has received over 30 million streams, and “Living Hell,” which has received over 25 million streams.

The song is upbeat and definitely a mood lifter. The tempo of the song keeps you so engaged that you’ll forget all your worries while listening to it. The upbeat lyrics is definitely a mood lifter, and goes well with the subtle music that rocks you through the song’s fast beat lyrics, which acts as an energy booster during those lazy afternoons at work or when you are literally feeling like ‘the blues.’

The lyrics of the track are also amazing. They have a nice flow and will make you want to join the club and dance, instead of worrying about all your bills.

Listen to Money Talk here.

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