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Lush, enthralling electronic synth-pop with a flavour of the eighties and nineties, with exceptional production value. This is how I would describe the alt-pop project of Tyler Godfrey, with Clint Holgate and his production chops, known otherwise as ‘NGELS’. Wafty synth sounds that sound straight out of a dream, with a level of production that can put many A-listers to shame, flowy vocals that take you back to a period you know lives in your head but needs the perfect atmosphere to be invoked– like that is exactly (if you will excuse the pun), “What You Wanted”, NGELS’ latest project.

A thorough 80s-90s pop sound permeates the song, with the played bass taking centre stage early in the song, but in the best ways possible. The riff is articulate, and well-played, with the innovation in harmony laying down a solid foundation upon which the rest of the track happens to be built. The drums sound big and roomy, yet tight- providing the perfect groove as you grab your to-go latte and head to work on a lazy Monday morning. The vocals, while not the core focus of the song, are used more creatively- almost as another instrument in the ensemble, the way I interpret it. They contribute positively to the song, creating the final piece of the puzzle that sits in one’s mind the way a Top 40 would.

The mix only further complements the presentation, with good levels of balance, and a thorough understanding of the way the sound of the era was and keeps it alive with a modern twist on the presentation with lush, spacious reverb tails that sound natural. Overall, “What You Wanted” is everything I wanted the 80s-90s era take on modern pop to be. It continues to be a song I listen to near-daily, and it’s worth a spot on your playlist this week too! Check out ‘What You Wanted’ by NGELS here-

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