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The Levy Circus-Changes
The Levy Circus-Changes
The Levy Circus-Changes

The Levy Circus-Changes | In cloud nine

The Levy Circus make their debut with changes. A five-piece band that operates like a well oiled vintage clock, these guys have pocketed a time travelling device. The groove sits comfortably with the swanky rhythm, and they know how to bring a party to life. This is their single, Changes.

Starting with an isolated bass like a funk sound, The Levy Circus make it seem like anything can happen. There is an essential swing jive that their track promotes, and you’re away on a roller coaster before you know it. The verse builds with a beautiful layering process, an organic climb to the chorus that we know will bring you to your toes to dance. The vocals are husky and warm, perfectly complementing the funky rhythm section that is fresh, yet a retrofit into an indie rock sound.

If anything, this is another group of misfits that brought the time period they love with them. This shard of time is interesting, they are all virtuosic performers, so finding a signature is going to be easy. We are excited to hear the other releases that The Levy Circus are going to bring to town. For one, we know, they are worth every penny on that ticket.

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