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William Sanford – Boomer Vibe “Sessions”
William Sanford – Boomer Vibe “Sessions”

William Sanford – Boomer Vibe “Sessions” | Innovative Trip

Avanta garde electronic musician William Sanford has come up with a stunning record with his latest album Boomer Vibe “Sessions”. Hailing from north west Indiana/Chicagoland, William Sanford makes music in ambient electronic music which is eclectic and avant-garde. The album consists of ten tracks and runs for about forty minutes in length.

The album begins with Florals With Mr. Gramophone, a spoken word where bright synths are added and a tight bass line. Space Race (featuring Jilly Narayan) begins with synths which are intriguing. Spoken word vintage space recordings are added. Electronic vintage sounds especially the main melody tone is placed on a sweet sounding background. The third song is Pluto Will Always Be A Planet In A Boomer’s Heart. The title is quite witty and interesting. The song contains a groovy bassline and beats with a vintage synth melody. This song has a certain jazz house vibe to it.

Fourth track we have is Hey Mister, Would You Go Bop? It begins with some really cool synths which sound other worldly. Spoken lines are mixed with compelling keyboard lines. A great arrangement with a solid groove beat is what this song has. William Sanford makes use of distorted clipping samples here to great effect. We also get some filtered guitar samples here. The now almost characteristic use of vocal samples greets us as we enter the fifth track Boomer’s Got a Gramophone. This song has some very compelling and intricate beat rhythm work with enticing electronic synth production.

Chicago Memories On The L is a very pleasant pop instrumental track with great use of synths and textures. Xylophonic tones used sound heavenly in this song. Flapperjacks is a light hearted track with great usage of production and an arrangement that would render anyone perplexed. With a groovy bassline begins the song We May Be Old, But Our Brains Still Dance. This is a modern electro disco song with some sprinkling of sitar samples. A truly innovative track and a highlight of the album. The album concludes with the songs Ghosts Be Vibin’ and Nag Champa. These encapsulate the stunning experimentation of the record.

William’s music is influenced from genres like Downtempo, IDM, Ambient, and Trip Hop. He is also influenced by dreampop, soundtrack music, and New Age music. Music from video games soundtracks, and rock genres like Electronic Rock, Progressive Rock, and Art Rock also have a footing in his work. Rooted in a working class ethos, embracing it, and transcending it with his avant garde music. Sanford’s music will keep you on the edge with the right doses of philosophy and irreverence. He makes great use of synths and electronically produced textures. heavily intoxicating and inebriating concoction of innovative musical goodness. Much like his art, do jump onto the trippy ride called Boomer Vibe “Sessions” by William Sanford.

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