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Desperate Electric - What Do You Want | Thrilling
Desperate Electric - What Do You Want | Thrilling

Desperate Electric – What Do You Want | Thrilling

Desperate Electric is a musical duo of two phenomenal artists who have made it a point to enthral their listeners time and again with their refreshing and classic music. Even though their energy is unmatched, it would be right to say that they strive very hard to maintain this stature and release authentic music that makes them stand out from the pop crowd. 

Desperate ELectric just recently released a song called What Do You Want which is a thrilling mix of energies, symphonies, sorrow, and joy, all packed together beautifully in one. The track has retro influences yet feels pretty modern at the same time and this fine balance adds to its quality. The song begins with great energy and heavy electronic influences, which you cannot complain about because they lift our mood almost instantly. The song then grows on to establish its thrill furthermore as the song develops and maintains this vibrant energy throughout the track. You would want to surrender yourself to the joyful vibe of the track because it is simply too amazing. 

The party and energetic dance vibe is something that remains constant throughout the song and gives it a nice feel. Moreover, it is a song that is meant you lift your spirits in an overwhelming manner and leave you utterly pleased. With a great mix of mellow, happy, thoughtful, and deep lyrics, the song gets an edge. You would fall for the track if you pay attention to the lyrics. It just becomes even more enjoyable that way.

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