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Vishal Naidu - Reveries In Grey
Vishal Naidu - Reveries In Grey

Vishal Naidu – Reveries In Grey | Bejeweled Lament

Come sip on the doleful lament of a fragile heart with Reveries In Grey by Vishal Naidu. The artist weaves the melodies into an elegant, yet devastating garland that we cannot get enough of. And, the most disarming part is how human the virtues it explores are. It’s the stuff that makes us, builds us, and breaks us.

Your track, Reveries in Grey is incredibly touching. What inspired the creation of this track?

Thank you! In general all my tracks are inspired by the emotions, I’d say my different states of mind at different points inspired this creation; but the inspiration to make it more progressive and dark came from Opeth!

What is the significance of the thumbnail of the track?

The thumbnail of the track mainly tries to give an imagery of exploring the depths of darkness. An adventure into your own mind as you’re introspecting. So it’s basically the protagonist (in this case just me with my guitar) exploring the different emotions during the darker hours – Nicolás Oliveros understood this concept brilliantly and made this amazing artwork for the track. I feel it fits the vibe perfectly.

Dwindling acoustic guitar melodies flicker in the wind, against a wall of silence. They gleam solitarily, carrying the melancholia of the moon. A warm flood of violins sweeps through, engulfing the guitar melodies, twinkling with glistening drops of acoustic keys. Black swans rain from the sky to waltz to the rhythm of the mystical anguish.

The track’s main essence is contained in the guitar melodies. Its soliloquies are soul-stirring. What are some of the themes that you meant for it to bring out?

As mentioned before, the main theme I wanted to bring out from the melodies and progressions was the concept of introspection during the darker times. We all have our vulnerable times where we’re lost in our own mind – either overthinking or just over analyzing things or having the unnecessary comparisons in life which bring in so much more chaos to life; I want to welcome the listeners to face this state of mind with my music, let the music guide you through the mind and settle the rifts between you and the mind!

And, how do you think the violin and the keyboard melodies play into this theme and complement it?

The violin for me always adds the emotional touch to the tracks, and gives a great cinematic flavor to the track. For this theme, they add some of the dark elements as well; and the ending has the emotional nuances which brings the audience closer to the track and probably makes it more relatable. The keyboard adds a nice soft layer on top of the melodies, and I mainly use it to bring back the main riff of the track such that it lingers on in the listener’s mind.

The innate tragedy of the composition seeps into us like ink on cloth. Percolating through layers of the psyche, it awakens the universe of despondency within us. Its nimble melodies, adorned with heartache and melodrama are ravishing. Like a shadow, they roam the walls of our minds. Time loses its essence. We descend into a deep blue slumber – an eternal bliss, a smooth high.

The track is wonderfully composed. Its aching emotions and delicate sensitivity create a canvas of bejeweled torment that is simply intoxicating. To float away with it is a dream and to resist it is death.

Finally, what compels you about music and what is it to you?

Music is what helps me express myself better than anything else. No matter what I feel, music is what helps me get through it, as cliche as it sounds, music is my life – Eventually I dream of a time where I have a career focused only on music and nothing else. I want to dedicate my life to it gradually once everything falls into place, until then it’s just the balance in all things. Music unites us all, and it has no barriers, no one cares who you are, what you do or how you did it as long as they relate to it and understand the emotions behind it.

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