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Felicia Lase – Sign | Mesmerizingly Melodic

Felicia Lase is a singer/songwriter and a producer hailing from Indonesia and currently based in Melbourne. She is known for her melodic and vocal skills that makes makes the listener’s hearts levitate with joy. Her music combines flavors of Soul, R&B and Jazz in a way that you might have never heard before. Her elite musicality is clearly visible in her tracks that flow smooth like a river. She has released 4 tracks as of now and all of them are so good that I found myself begging for more.

I came across this amazing artist through her lates release which is her fourth track, which is named Sign which is a perfect example of her musical skills. The track has some hypnotic melodies that will make you weak in the knees. Her vocals are as deep as the Mariana-trench and digs deep into the feelings which evokes profound emotions. She surely is an amazing producer as well. her subtle use of such vivid elements to create such and immersive vibe is remarkable. The track is perfectly balanced in each realms of creation. This track is surely going into my personal playlist and live there for ever. The magic that Felicia Lace weaves touches the heart inside-out.

Do give this track a go and you will find yourself a track that will keep playing in your head all day long. This is totally a highly recommended track for anyone and everyone who enjoy tracks with vivid music and hypnotic vocals.

We had a chance to have a little chat with the artist and this is how it went –

Q1. Your music sounds like something out of this world. I love how emotively innovative your tracks are. What inspires your music?

” I am inspired by a large range of artists and music styles – from jazz to soul/R&B, traditional music to pop. But what truly unites them is the breadth of emotions each type of music brings. I want my music to always connect emotionally – a kind that makes people say ‘oh I truly feel that in my heart!’ “

Q2. Your tracks seem really heartfelt. Each of your tracks tells a story. What is the story behind your latest release, ‘Sign’?

” The whole idea of ‘Sign’ came from the very first sentence of the song ‘Tell me something to believe in’. It then blooms into a song about a feeling that is very familiar to all of us – feeling lost. How we lost all faith in everything, not knowing what to believe anymore, and ultimately, yearning for something or someone to hold on to. After all, we are all looking for a ‘Sign’ of something to believe in and hold on to in life.  “

Q3. The way you carry the music is ecstatic. Can you tell me what brought you into the music industry and how your flame for music ignited?

” I do not think I have one exact moment that I can point out when I was ‘yes, I think music is my thing’. It is more of a process and I am really thankful for that. I began with classical music and then started performing solo in events. I was then blessed enough to join as a vocalist for a jazz band. But what really propelled me forward is the joy of production and songwriting. This is something that really flourished in me during lockdowns (remember them?) and I truly want to share the joy I feel while writing and producing to the world. “

Q4. Your tracks surely project experience. When did you start your musical journey and what do you think kept you going?

” I started music at a very young age of 5 with classical piano. Ever since then, music has always been in my life but not quite front and centre. But now, I am writing and producing my own music, and studying music again which brings me closer to like minded people. This is what kept me going!”

Q5. What is your biggest strength when it comes to music? What has been inspiring you since the day you started?

” I think it will be my love to try new things in music while staying true to my emotions. Since I produce, write, and perform everything myself, I get to try different things and combine different inspirations to convey my emotions. A lot of things inspired me to keep going! My family and friends have truly been the biggest supporters – I cannot do half of what I have done without them. Feel very blessed to have a very supportive circle around me!”

You can catch a little glimpse of the track ‘Sign’ by Felicia Lase here-

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