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Daire Barefoot – Endeavour
Daire Barefoot – Endeavour

Daire Barefoot – Endeavour | Jazzcore Treat

Endeavour is the debut intriguing and awe-inspiring instrumental song by guitarist Daire Barefoot. The song blends genres like math rock, jazz, and gothic rock if you will.

Daire has also been one half of the duo Daire Barefoot and the Siren which plays funk, jazz, latin, and synth-pop music. The single art cover features the early 19th century painting of the Gordale Scar by British painter James Ward. The artwork sets a gothic tone for the music which is felt and achieved in the composition. The song was mastered at Schoolhouse Studio in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The song begins with an eery aura which proceeds into a clean electric guitar riff. The clean electric guitar riff is tasty and intricate and engages the listener. A light snare and kick drum beat which is subdued enters the arrangement. The tonal quality of the guitar is pristine while the playing is virtuosic.

The pristine guitar tone comes from the Neural DSP Archetype: Tim Henson plugin and the trusty white Fender Strat guitar of Daire Barefoot. But of course, these are mere tools which channel the true tone and playing hard-coded into the fingers of Daire. To listen to Endeavour is to hear a master composer at work

With his hybrid fingerstyle guitar playing featuring stunning dynamics and phrasing, Daire balances virtuosity with musicality. His use of beautiful arpeggiated and finger tapped chord voicings would enchant the listener. With Endeavour, guitarist and composer Daire Barefoot provides us with an instrumental jazzcore delight to be relished.

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