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Dré Anthony – Dice | Gold

Dré Anthony is a hip-hop artist who weaves music that have an equal balance of musicality and lyricism. His tracks go deep in terms of lyricism touching each listener’s heart making him stand out of the crowd. Dré Anthony draws pictures through his lyrics which are a perfectly complimented by deep heartfelt music. Being a rapper myself, I was amused to see how vast varieties of flows Dré Anthony’s got up his sleeve. His each track brings something new to the plate driving him miles ahead of other monotonous hip-hop tracks.

“Dré Anthony is a perfect example of how music industry is evolving with time.”

I recently came across his EP which is named ‘Dice’ which was released in 2020 and was his debut EP. Even after being 2 years old, the EP is full of tracks that sound ahead of it’s time. The way Dré Anthony experiments with his flows and lyrics is remarkably innovative. The EP contains 6 tracks which are each better than the other which makes this whole EP a must listen.

The first two tracks of the EP are ‘On My Mind’ and ‘Bands’ which sound like the intro of the EP yet powerful. Both these tracks are lyrically strong and have melodies that will latch on to your head making it hard for you to forget. These tracks are so addictive that they have been playing on my mind since the day I first listened to these tracks.

The third track of the EP is ‘I Remember’ which is my favorite track from the EP. This is a track that most of us will relate to. The way he has portrayed such complex feels in words leaves me amused. The beat goes hard and the flows go equally hard. This track is surely becoming my go-to song on my playlist. Each lines in this track gives me deep chills.

The next track is named ‘Brand New’ which is one of those tracks which will surely make you groove. The track is full of musical elements that will make your feet move on their own. This is the grooviest track on the EP and can easily take up the top five places on any groovy playlist.

The EP is so special to me because this doesn’t contain any features which projects the versatility of the artist with beauty.

The fifth track of the EP is ‘Let Me Know’ which is one of the most powerful tracks in the EP in terms of both musicality and lyricism. The track has some magical piano melodies that will surely leave you mesmerized. The melodic rap leaves me spellbound every single time.

The last track of the EP is ‘No Write-Offs’ which is the outro of the EP and one of the best ways to end this masterpiece. The track surely leaves you begging for more wanting to explore more tracks from the artist. The perfect use of music to induce deep feels makes my heart melt.

‘Dice’ is an EP that everyone who enjoys hip-hop should listen to. Listen to ‘Dice’ by Dré Anthony-

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