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Doc Fischbach - So Shady
Doc Fischbach - So Shady

Doc Fischbach – So Shady | Brand of Happiness

Doc Fischback is a singer-songwriter from Denver, Colorado who uses his captivating brand of country pop. Characterizing his songs as self-help music, he aims to reach his audience with his personal experiences with toxic relationships, addiction, abuse and mental health struggles. So Shady by Doc Fischbach instantly lifts your spirits and enlivens you.

With upbeat acoustic guitar melody and beats pulses, the song carries the informality and familiarity of country song. The artist sets the tempo with fun details like clapping and catchy lyrics. The theme of the song has a commercial appeal with its narrative and relatable lyrics. Inspired by his very own life, the lyrics are autobiographical and honest.

The song tells us the story of gas-lighting and flighty romances that ends up leaving you exhausted and frustrated. The artist balances out the bleak theme of the song with joyful and swing music that keeps you moving and jiving. Perfect for line dancing and grooving in parties, the song contains a contagious joy that brings people together.

Combining an energetic and lively tempo with slow and emotional vocal arcs, the artist beautifully balances out the song. We see guitar and vocal harmonies in the bridge that is loaded with memories and experiences of the artist.

Fischbach has a way of making his listeners seen and understood. He inspires vulnerability and openness by baring his imperfections and soul to us. He makes sure to avoid using gendered pronouns that tend to exclude the experiences of some groups of people.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music.

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Doc Fischbach – So Shady

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