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Martin Reynolds – Everything’s Better

Martin Reynolds, often referred to as a magician of optimism by his fans is an artist who spins up music that will surely uplift your heart. He made his debut in 2020 with his single named ‘Strange Days Indeed’ which is one of the best debut tracks I’ve heard in a while. Martin Reynolds spins heartfelt melodies into deep lyrics creating an aura that stands apart from the crowd. His tracks have deep meanings that are beautifully portrayed by his soothing vocals beautifully intertwined with his vast lyricism.

I recently came across one of his latest tracks which is named ‘Everything’s Better’. This track is one of those tracks which will pick you off the floor in your hardest times and fill you up with joy and confidence. This is a track that can give life to dead flowers and make them bloom. Martin Reynolds is surely a genius when it comes to lyricism and musicality. His ecstatic musical abilities make his tracks easier to be related to. ‘Everything’s Better will send you to an unknown realm where everything’s lively and thriving. The hook is catchy and latches on to the mind like glue making this track pretty addictive. The deep guitar melodies in the track perfectly set the vibe of the track. This is just the right amount of sunshine for anyone who is feeling low to stand up and dance around with joy. The way He has weaved this track into such masterpiece is remarkable.

Do give this track a listen if you dig deep and ecstatic melodies. Listen to ‘Everything’s Better’ by Martin Reynolds-

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