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ASHIYARI – tell me things will be alright
ASHIYARI – tell me things will be alright

ASHIYARI – tell me things will be alright | Atmospheric Folk Electronica

Swedish electronic music producer ASHIYARI presents us his latest mesmerizing tune titled “tell me things will be alright”. The twenty-one-year-old Stockholm-based artist sculpts musical ice sculptures with an emphasis on profound lyrics and catchy melodies. ASHIYARI has had two great EPs titled SEASONS and DIE FOR THIS earlier in the year, with “tell me things will be alright” is a standalone single release.

The song begins with synths creating a beautiful ethereal atmosphere. Frigid vocals enter into this aural canvas, spinning magic into this setting. Percussion consists of light, subtle, and muted kicks as the ambient heavy production spreads itself. The filters and production is pulled off for an acoustic guitar accompanying the heartfelt vocals. The synth production is mind dazzling in the chorus. A cascading sound that is intriguing, joyful, cathartic, and stunning at the same time.

Shimmering synth lines and a harmonic background that sounds out of this world are the cherry on the icing of the song. To say that it is heavenly would be an understatement. A crystalline sound with a cinematic ending. ASHIYARI has sculpted a master production with an arrangement that elevates the songwriting. The mixing and arrangement is a phenomenal job of balancing all the elements aptly. Multi-layered production that gives a sense of haze and harmonic beauty is what we get here. A true feast for lovers of trippy atmospheric electronic music.

Close your eyes and listen to “tell me things will be alright”, a dazzling world will conjure up in the halls of your mind.

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