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Bones in Butter
Bones in Butter

Bones in Butter – Scenes From The Metro

Bones in Butter is the name of a Serbian act led by Milutin Krašević. It is an array of players from all around the Belgrade alternative music scene. The act consists of six artists with several years of touring and band experience. Consisting of Luna Škopelja (vocals and samples), Todor Živković (guitars), Dejan Škopelja (bass), Tom Fedja Franklin (drums), and Srdjan Popov (mixing), Bones in Butter is creating music that binds the listeners to an everlasting enchantment. This is surely an act that will give you goosebumps with its deep musical skills blended with exquisite lyricism. This is surely an act to be witnessed. Do give it a go and you will surely fall in love with their magical musical skills.

I recently came across this act through its recent release which is named Scenes From The Metro which is one of their best works yet. The track is beautifully composed and surely has a euphoric effect stringed to it. This is a track that will take you to the lowest of the lows and the highest of the heights. The track starts off with an ecstatic melody that is dark and slowly progresses into a positive vibe. The guitars are beautifully written and executed. The way the drums compliment the whole vibe with subtle impacts is what got me hooked on this track in the first place. The vocals are beautifully executed to create an aura that is deeply touching. Harmonies are heart-touching and well-executed. The way this band carries the track to a whole other level is amazing. This is surely something to be explored! Do give this track a go and you will not be disappointed.

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