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Akosch Warga - Integrity | Stunning 
Akosch Warga - Integrity | Stunning 

Akosch Warga – Integrity | Stunning 

Akosch Warga is a music composer, sound artist, and producer based in Berlin and is recognized for his unique storytelling through music, out-of-the-world compositions, stellar music styles, and incomparable authenticity. By creating great music, he has not only made a name for himself in the music industry but has also given worthwhile experiences to music lovers. 

Akosch Warga recently released a track called Integrity. A beautiful number that is heavily instrumental, surprising throughout, and eccentric in the best ways. Once you hit the play button, you wouldn’t be able to tell what to expect from the next moment. This is the most stunning thing about this piece. It has twists and turns, loops, leaps, and bounds, that invite you into a realm of mystery and bliss. The song beautifully explores the meaning of integrity and does so on a deeper level. The real essence of the song will be revealed to you when you listen to the song many times, allowing yourself to fully soak up the goodness of the track and unravel the complexity that it has to offer, bit by bit. 

The music takes you on a journey and it is a journey that will allow you to feel refreshed, and sensually rejuvenated by the end of the song. Its soundscapes will make you feel all sorts of emotions, and all sorts of treasures.

It is a beautifully composed number that is a must-listen for artists as it will set you in a deeper meditative mood that will give a kick to your creative cells. 

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