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Rella – ROCKSTAR | Soft Rap Rock

The turn of the decade brought about the amalgamation of two genres of music that one would consider, in a way that could be described best as ‘uncanny’ – rap and rock. Before it happened, it would have been difficult to imagine the fusion of complex rhyme schemes and lyricism-heavy delivery of rap and the lofty yet melodic guitars of the rock world. However, happen it did; and “Rockstar” by Rella is a shining example of soft rap rock done right. Keep reading for my review of this song!

The song starts out soft, with a guitar riff to keep the listener grooving till the softly mixed vocals kick in, with a soft, The Neighbourhood-style four-on-the-floor drum riff kicking in; resolving into a groovy number that I just found myself throwing my head back and relaxing to. The refrain sounds wafty, and the whole track retains this ballad-esque, beautiful feel to it throughout that I came to quite appreciate.

The rapped vocals adopt a half-sung, half-rapped style that is delivered with feel and precision, and felt apt to the track; one thing that I quite appreciated was how well the syllable schemes seemed to suit the rest of the movement of the mix.

The atmosphere of this song is halfway down to the mix, and I mean that in the best ways; the whole track is filled with creative mixing decisions that keep the track from sounding bland, and flavourless; instead infusing it with new energy and new panache at every bar; and this made for a thoroughly enjoyable listen throughout.

With “Rockstar”, Rella brings a fresh new twist on the soft rock style initially popularised by bands such as The Neighbourhood, while presenting a fresh, new rapped take on it that sounds great! Check out “Rockstar” by Rella here!

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