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Lewca Boombap for Boomers
Lewca Boombap for Boomers
Lewca Boombap for Boomers

Lewca’s Indie Alt Hip-Pop Style Trip With ‘Boombap for Boomers’

UK artist Lewca, hailing from Brixton, London, and now based in France, has released his latest album, “Boombap for Boomers.” The album is a rich blend of several indie genres, from indie pop and hip-hop to indie rock. With 13 diverse tracks, “Boombap for Boomers” offers a 40-minute journey through some great music.

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This is his second album with producer S.O.A.P. This is a lighter and more vibrant album than his previous more distressed record “Friday Night Rockstar”. His music is influenced by 90s and 2000s artists like M.I.A., Cornershop and Gorillaz. There are genres like alt-rock and hip-hop traversing 80’s New Wave, 90’s Alternative, and modern Lo-fi Indie Pop.

The album kicks off with “Fire Up the Intro,” a brief captivating pub spoken word piece accompanied by bagpipes, setting the tone for what’s to come. It’s an unexpected start that piques your curiosity from the very beginning. “Peace of Mind” follows, combining indie pop with retro synth elements. Lewca’s dynamic vocals and wacky feel make this track a standout. The incorporation of rap elements showcases his versatility.

“Roundabout” is a retro sample-based indie pop song with a simple electro beat. This is a nostalgic song about the good old days for fun. “Day Job” is a hip-hop song featuring some nice bluesy piano and percussive elements and a great rap feature by Mick Swagger. As the album progresses, tracks like “All Grown Up” (reggae style) and “Monday Morning” continue to showcase Lewca’s versatility as an artist, effortlessly transitioning between reggae and alternative rock influences.

The title track, “Boombap for Boomers,” is a fast-paced alt-hip-hop song that encapsulates the essence of the record. “Internet Recovery” delves into New Wave retro synthpop, adding another layer to the album’s eclectic sound. “Lewca’s “Life, innit?” presents modern electro dance-pop at its finest, showcasing his ability to adapt to different styles effortlessly. The album concludes with “Daydreaming,” featuring OrangeG on banjo, delivering a tropical pop vibe with electronic elements and harmonica. It’s a fitting end that leaves you wanting more. It’s a musical rollercoaster that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

This record is an electrifying and audacious alt-rock indie pop album. The production by S.O.A.P. is nothing short of brilliant. Throughout the album, Brian weaves intricate musical puzzles. We also get a taste and traces of styles like nu-disco, alt-rap, light DnB, and post-punk.

In “Boombap for Boomers,” Lewca’s artistry shines through. Here we get a unique quirky indie sound while maintaining an authentic tonal palette which is truly impressive. If you’re a fan of indie pop, hip-hop, or reggae, this is a musical trip you’ll enjoy. Great musical storytelling, sonic depth, and genre-blending arrangements make this album a must-listen. So, kick back, relax, and let this LP take you on a musical trip through time and style.

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