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Tony Don Tracy - Number One Fool
Tony Don Tracy - Number One Fool

Tony Don Tracy – Number One Fool | Easy-Listening

Tony Don Tracy is a singer-songwriter based in the Midwest of the United States. With pride in his heritage stemming from Alaskan Highway to The Jesse James Gang, he believes that it’s his turn to make his mark. While he works tirelessly with King’s Rest Record to put out thoughtful music, he also performs on stage. Tony is the kind of lad you’ll find singing anywhere from the streets to the local watering hole. Moreover, his music takes the best of Country Rock and Bluegrass to create his own unique sound.

His latest single, Number One Fool, is an easy-flowing track that allows you to kick your boots up. He creates a smooth groove with a distorted guitar, and a drum, in full swing. Moreover, Tony Don Tracy has a sweet baritone voice that really ties the whole song together. The lyrics are also something you should pay attention to, mostly because they’re perfect. He’s got a bit of an Elvis Presley meets mellowed down Kid Rock vibe that he rocks pretty well. Tony Don Tracy can create the perfect atmosphere for you at just about any location.

You can play his music in the background while you’re doing something, at a party, or even if you just want to listen to something and relax for a bit. Moreover, Tony Don Tracy has many more songs to stream online.

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