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Proklaim - Runnin
Proklaim - Runnin

Proklaim – Runnin

The brilliance of Proklaim arises out of his ability to keep it real. His cadence and natural talent irrepressibly flow outs of each and every one of his releases. And the way he crafts his soundscapes, the general aura he imbibes into his songs does so much to reflect the themes he explore in his verses. In his previous release, Priceless, subtle euphonic lines of celestial golds and teasing slivers of mystique supports and embellishes divine elements within the song. With Runnin, his latest release, Proklaim takes the role of a messiah who reveals his dreams and penchant for success.

His raw presence, visceral style, and rolling verses points towards the making of a legend. Reminiscent of Kenrick Lamar’s defiant swag and revolutionary spirit, Proklaim has a powerful relentlessness. He tells it like he sees it and then you can’t un-see it. His eyes glint with ambition and passion, as he eyes the crown of success and it is just a matter of time before he claims it.

A circuit of rippling keys make up the background with a steady beat rhythm. The smooth vocal flourish and low-key hysteria gel to form a feverish hypnotism that is not to be missed!

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