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african dreams by Fleanger
african dreams by Fleanger

Fleanger’s “African Dreams”: A Brilliant and Unexpected Twist on Deep House

Experience the unique sound of FLEANGER aka Mor Kessel, the youngest and most talented artist in Israel. Inspired by his love for music, Fleanger has created a unique musical style, combining electronic beats with emotional storytelling. His passion for music began when he was just a child, using art as an outlet to express himself. Now, he produces music that is not only moving but relatable to audiences worldwide. Every Fleanger track has a story behind it, inviting listeners to feel the emotion and connect with the narrative. With each new release Fleanger continues to share his healing stories and authentic connections through his music.

Get ready to embark on a voyage of pure auditory bliss, as Fleanger’s latest single “African Dreams” invites you on a sonic odyssey like no other. This musical gem is a feast for the senses, starting with soulful synths that gradually escalate to a crescendo of haunting vocals that will leave you spellbound.

As the track unfolds, a steady and infectious beat emerges, entwined with echoing vocals and synths that create an alluring and hypnotic aura, making you feel like you’re levitating. The calm and tranquil atmosphere that pervades the piece is tangible, engulfing you in a wave of serenity.

Just when you thought you had figured out the track’s direction, it takes an unexpected twist, suddenly transporting you deep into a lush jungle surrounded by exotic animals and rustling leaves. This brilliant stroke of creativity adds a unique and thrilling element to the song, leaving you exhilarated and captivated. As the song progresses, you feel you are dropped in a serene place full of bliss, and then the music expresses how exactly you feel there. Captivated, euphoric, and at peace.

“African Dreams” is a deep house masterpiece that is both unforgettable and mesmerizing. Fleanger has surpassed himself with this polished and top-quality musical extravaganza, providing an escape that is both distinct and innovative.

Enjoy listening to African Dreams here.

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