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Cindy Louise | Monster | Poetic Pop Music | Pop
Cindy Louise | Monster | Poetic Pop Music | Pop

Cindy Louise – Monster | Poetic Pop music

Wordplay is an important aspect of pop music. The catchy hook is obviously primary but for a hook to be catchy, wordplay plays an important role. Cindy Louise, in her latest single has sung a really poetic and catchy hook that just won’t seem to get out of my head.

Known for her unique writing style, independent artist Cindy Louise is a South African born singer that is rapidly climbing up the ladder of success in the pop genre. Some of her tracks have over 30 thousand streams on Spotify and hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. She has an angelic voice and song writing skills that just blow your mind while also being seduced by her voice. I can compare her style to that of the Sirens in the Odyssey. Enchanting voice that draws listeners toward her, lowering their guard. The minute yore close enough you realize what she’s singing and they lyrics just enslave you for eternity.

“You’re the monster; in my bed; the monster in my head; the monster I run and hide; buried inside it’ll eat you alive.”

WOW! What a wonderful use of words. It’s not just rhyming words that just sound nice together. This is poetry that is profound and meaningful while also catchy. The highlight of the whole track is the hook but the beat that goes with it has to be spoken about. The production is amazing and the melodies are subtle yet hard hitting. The 808 just gives the track the necessary momentum. Together, with the lyrics, Monster is an amazing single that you can just leave on repeat for hours.

I’m not sure if it’s the vocals or the gong sounds that the song starts with but its just an amazing vibe. The chorus with just her humming is the point where I got hooked. That’s when I actually started listening and realized the poetic beauty of this track. Check it out below!

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