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Love Ghost, Big Boss Mulaa – Tales of a Sad Boy | Heartbreak and Trap

Love Ghost, the Los Angeles-based alternative indie rock band, has returned with their latest EP, Tales of a Sad Boy The four-piece band, consisting of Finnegan Bell on lead vocals and guitar, Ryan Stevens on bass and vocals, Daniel Alcala on guitar and vocals, Samson Young on drums and vocals, and Cory Batchler on keyboard and vocals, have once again pushed the boundaries of genre with their latest release.

The band, known for their eclectic mix of grunge, pop, punk, trap, and electronica, has teamed up with NY-based emo rapper Big Boss Mulaa for this EP, which delves into the theme of heartbreak. The collaboration brings a fresh and unique sound to the EP, with Big Boss Mulaa appearing on all four tracks.

The EP opens with “Heartless,” a track that sets the tone for the EP with its trap beat and grungy rock vocals. The instrumentation is impeccable, with the bass adding depth and weight to the track. Love Ghost’s heartfelt lyricism and emotive singing style make the story of heartbreak and anxiety relatable and engaging. The subtle dissonant chord changes and smooth transitions between verses keep the listener hooked until the end.

Lathargic” slows things down with its laid-back guitar progression and Finnegan Bell’s emotive vocals sitting front and center in the mix. The deep bass and soothing synth pads create a lush soundscape, with silence playing an important part in the arrangement. The track builds with layers of lush vocals and harmonies, creating a fantastic mix.

Samurai” takes a different approach, with a fusion of hard-hitting trap and hard rock. The upbeat track features exciting hi-hats, punchy 808s, and kicks, with Love Ghost’s powerful and aggressive vocals adding to the overall energy of the track. Their transparency in lyrics and singing style makes the song sound very raw and authentic, resonating with fans.

Train Tracks” is the final track on Love Ghost’s EP “Tales of a Sad Boy” and it brings the EP to a powerful conclusion. The song opens with a slow and soft beat that sets the groove of the track, accompanied by Finnegan Bell’s emotive vocals. Bell’s dynamic performance stands out on this track, his delivery is solid as usual, and his vocals are powerful. The track has a slightly aggressive feel to it and features nicely produced electronic elements that add color to the track. The song is guitar-driven, like the other tracks on the EP.

Love Ghost’s emo rock style is quite exhilarating to listen to and on this track it has a similar writing style to XXXTENTACION, along with the hardcore rock feel of their music. The lyrics in this track come from a place of excruciating pain, and Love Ghost translates that emotion excellently through their intricate writing style, painting a pretty graphic picture. The track is a fitting end to the EP, which takes the listener on a journey through the emotions of heartbreak and it showcases the band’s versatility as artists.

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