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LovexLies – Blackout | Melodic Banger

LovexLies is a single-man project which belongs to Josh Golden who is originally from New York and currently based in Virginia Beach. He is a real genius when it comes to musicality and lyricism. His tracks are a full course meal served with extra spices. LovexLies has released 2 tracks in total and each one of them is a banger. He made his debut with ‘Blackout’ which was released in 2022 and is one of the best tracks I’ve heard this year. He is all set to climb his way to the top in ain’t nothing stopping him.

When I first came across this artist through his first track ‘Blackout’, I was amused and went straight to his discography to listen to more music like it. Only to realize that it was his debut track. This artist has surely left me begging for more. Recently he has released a single named ‘LoversBeware’ which is an amazing track to vibe to.

The track ‘Blackout’ is a track which will surely make the crowd mosh if played on stage. The drums are innovative which profoundly compliment the unique flows. The music deeply engulfs the track taking it a step ahead of other tracks. This is a must listen if you love hip-hop. The track goes hard throughout and doesn’t include a single beat that sounds misplaced. The track is the one you could play at a party or in a club. ‘Blackout’ is a perfect vibe maker.

Listen to ‘Blackout’ by LovexLies-

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