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Petit Mond. – Blueberry Clouds
Petit Mond. – Blueberry Clouds

Petit Mond. – Blueberry Clouds | Redcurrant and Blueberries

Blueberry Clouds is the debut song of alternative indie pop musician, pianist, and vocalist Luana Petit Mond. Tardy. The cover art of the single is a pink green blue background with a digital cartoon face. In her pupils, we can see a girl who seems to be reliving some happy days. Petit Mond means little world in French. Petit Mond. manages to make us enter into a little world with a large story to tell.

Petit Mond.’s vocals and music remind one of the music of heartfelt modern pop artists like Aurora and Birdy. The song is under three minutes but manages to create a very deeply emotional and expressive ballad. The song begins with a very sonically imposing piano arrangement. Angelic vocals enter this canvass creating a sense of melancholy. Piano playing works in tandem with the vocals, emoting the same sense of nostalgia, melancholy, and bittersweet sentiments. Lyrically the song deal with things done when young, as teens in romance and around those themes. Having beers on Saturdays, fighting, and making up.

Petit Mond. manages to channel her intimate and relatable songwriting filled with sentiment. And such pristine composition is wedded with a flawless performance and production which ensures that an emotional musical story it told. The song covers the various crises, things done right and wrong, and memories. Looking back at things with nostalgia and bittersweetness. With mere piano and vocals, this is a very stunningly produced song making it sound dense. Blueberry Clouds is a song that exists in the vulnerable space of all of us.

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