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Randy Beth – Kaleidoscope | Magical Trip

Randy Beth is a New York-based singer-songwriter who is known for her magical vocals and ecstatic music that embraces the soul. She made her debut in 2021 with ‘Make A Home’ which does not sound like a debut track. Her ripe musical skills take her tracks to a whole different level. Her tracks weave a vibe that will carry your heart, mind, body and soul. The minimal touch of music used effectively gives her tracks the touch of intoxication. Her tracks will surely have you swaying throughout. Her second release ‘Run’ is a complete masterpiece which is a must listen.

“Randy Beth weaves magic into her music. This is the artist who is going to make it big soon.”

I recently came across her new single which is named ‘Kaleidoscope’, which as the name suggests is an array of intricate musical patterns. Her elite musicality and supreme lyricism is perfectly projected through this track. The vocals are crystal clear and deep. The way Randy Beth has executed this track is remarkable. Her vocals glide on the music creating mesmerizing vibe. The subtle use of ambient music makes this track stand out of the crowd. The beauty of the track is intensified by the soothing drums that deliver the maximum impact. Each beat will make you fall into a deeper trip that feels surreal. The hi-hat rolls are innovative and something new.

Kaleidoscope by Randy Beth is a masterpiece that everyone who enjoys subtle music should listen to. Listen to Kaleidoscope here-

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