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Desperate Electric – Toasty | Magical Trip

Desperate Electric is a Montana based Duo that eccentrically weaves magic into their tracks making it nostalgic yet contemporary. His tracks will surely take you back in time elevating your heart and soul. Desperate Electric is known for their characteristic sound that sounds completely out of this world which is packed with deep emotions. Their discography is a collection of 13 singles, 2 EPs and one full length album which beautifully portray their versatility.

“Desperate Electric is taking the contemporary music to a whole another level.”

Desperate Electric recently released their latest single called ‘Toasty’ which will surely make you groove with joy. This is a perfect weekend jam which will rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. The vocals are crystal clear and deeply impactful. Each beat will fill your heart with joy making your foot move on their own. The Chorus is catchy and will grab a place in your head and stay there for like forever. ‘Toasty’ is nostalgically pleasant which will mesmerize your heart. The track is structurally and lyrically strong. This track is hypnotic in a sense and will surely grab the number one spot on your weekend playlist as well. The lyrics are groovy and the vocal execution is remarkable. The track is packed to the brim with deep feels. Do give this track a listen, this one of my highest recommended track and will surely be enjoyed by the masses.

Listen to ‘Toasty’ by Desperate Electric-

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