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Saint Celebrity – Over U | The Move On Track

Saint Celebrity are a four piece rock band based in Bristol, UK who spin music that will make you jump off your seat grooving to their rhythm. Their unique sound will fill your heart up with joy like no other. The way they embed such intense feelings into their tracks is pretty amazing. They will surely make you sing along with their heart-felt choruses that are catchier than COVID. They beautifully intertwine beautiful guitar melodies into syncopated drums that will sweep you off your feet. They have released four singles to date and all of them are so good that they will leave you begging for more.

Saint Celebrity recently released their latest single which is named ‘Over U’ which is one of the best tracks that will help you find your confidence back once you’ve gone through a rough breakup. There are times when you feel low after being separated from the one you love, but finding hope and creating a vibe around yourself that helps you grow and fosters you as an individual is important. That’s exactly what this track does. It will fill you up with joy like never before and provide you with a whole new perspective. This is one of those tracks which can single handedly help you move on and make you start feeling great about yourself. There are several instances in the track where these feelings are conveyed without the lyrics and vocals which is the best part of this track. The instruments are so tight that they clearly project the meaning that the track holds.

Do give this track a listen to get OVER THEM. Listen to ‘Over U’-

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