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Stars at night
Stars at night

Franc O’cher – Stars At Night

Franc O’cher is a Canadian singer-songwriter who is known for his intricate musical abilities that can make you laugh and weep at the same time. This is an artist who weaves music that is soaked in emotions and holds an ecstatic vibe every single time. This is surely an artist who deserves to be explored by the masses. Do give him a go, you will surely love his tracks if you are a hopeless romantic like me. His discography is a vivid array of music that is deep and full of mellow emotions.

I recently came across this artist through his latest release named ‘Stars At Night’ which is one of the best tracks I’ve come across this year. The track packs some amazing vocals that project some vivid emotions that are so hard to put into words. The instrumentation is beautifully executed and holds up the vibe of the track with intricacy. The drums are impactful and the guitars are so well structured that it acts as a backbone of the track. I was truly amzed by the artists unique sense of musicality that will seap into your skin and touch the deepest strings of your heart. This is surely a track that will evoke some profound emotions in your heart. I am adding this track to my personal playlist for sure. This is an amazing track overall. The track feels like a chill wind that blows in december, cold, yet calming. You should surely give this track a go.

Catch a little glimpse of the track ‘Stars At Night’ by Stars At Night here-

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