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Kelsie Kimberlin - Cosmopolitan Girl
Kelsie Kimberlin - Cosmopolitan Girl

Kelsie Kimberlin – Cosmopolitan Girl | Capital Style

22-year-old, American musician and singer, Kelsie Kimberlin has a popping new single, Cosmopolitan Girl, loaded with metropolitan goodness and worldly pleasures. Baptized and raised by music, Kimberlin sang in church choirs as a kid and even participated in Yoko Ono’s peace project! The artist explores music, one social issue, one whimsy, one dream, and one human emotion at a time.

Catchy neon synths open the song with a dancing rhythm. Spontaneous and liberating, the artist sings about leaping across the globe, experiencing cities and immersing herself in them. Addictive and energizing, the track immediately clings onto us and has us jamming with it! Feel-good and so lively, the song is dreamy and charmingly extravagant.

Reminiscent of Miley Cyrus, the vocals have a unique texture and a confident style. The song even has a wonderful visual experience. Highly stimulating and engaging, we find ourselves feeling everything the artist is singing about. Purple and pink synths feed the track with magic and surreal energy, giving it a dream-sequence vibe. The beats and infectious hooks fully engulf us with their unrelenting vibrancy and vivaciousness.

An electrifying dance-pop, Cosmopolitan Girl by Kelsie Kimberlin is all about flowing with the rhythm of the world and finding the pockets of magic stored away in all its cities, languages, people, and culture. Sparkling with glamor and high-life, the track takes us around the world in three short minutes!

Kelsie Kimberlin – Cosmopolitan Girl

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