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Shyli Madhala - Recall
Shyli Madhala - Recall

Shyli Madhala – Recall | Welling Emotions

Singer-songwriter, Shyli Madhala has released mesmerizing double-single, Recall, and End of the Month under the banner, No Budget. Going in search for beauty, honesty and authenticity, the artist aims to purge herself and her listeners of all woes and broadcast the magic in everything.

Acoustic strings and vocals open the song with a soothing temperament that expands throughout the song. Two conspicuous guitar melody tangents twirl and float through the song as the delicate smoky vocals rise with enchanting magic. Reminiscent of the Beatles’ folk styles, the song contains a quaint melancholy and devastating nostalgia.

Dripping with an undeniable innocence and sweetness, the vocals are easily the highlight of the song. The melodies are a delicious extension of the alluring vocal texture. Slow and unmoving, the melodies hover in the air and coat the objects around us. A completely transfixing and immersive experience, we find ourselves as the center of the well of swirling emotions and glistening melodies.

A melancholic happiness and profound humility trickles into us; enrapturing us with goodness and the purest version of joy. Feel good, hearty and full of soul, listeners of Bee Gees, The Beach Boys, and Joni Mitchell will have the best time listening to Recall by Shyli Madhala.

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Shyli Madhala – Recall

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