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Perdurabo – Hopes | Synth Rock Symphony
Perdurabo – Hopes | Synth Rock Symphony

Perdurabo – Hopes | Synth Rock Symphony

Hopes is the latest single by electronic music producer and composer Davide Arneodo aka Perdurabo. He is part of prominent Italian alternative band Marlene Kuntz. He is also a classically trained multi-instrumentalist. He is based out of Berlin, Germany and Turin, Italy. He has worked with artists like German electronic musician Apparat, alt experimental band Einstürzende Neubauten, and British band Placebo. The song features Daudi Matsiko, Tom Adams, and Miro Shot on vocals.

With some snappy snare prominent drumming by Apparat drummer Jörg Wähner begins the song. Vocals which sound aloof but pregnant with emotional ennui and pain, an existential angst, soak this futuristic but at its core minimal arrangement. The chorus hits like a wave with its perfect blend of rock, guitar, synths, and electronic elements. The harmonic chordal template of the song establishes the gloomy but aspiring mood of the song. Hopes is accompanied by an epic visual music video directed by Marco Jeannin. Great storytelling by Perdurabo!

The song boasts a wide-ranging musical and emotional scope, with a driving beat and soaring melodies that evoke feelings. The production is top-notch, with expertly crafted soundscapes and intricate layering that adds depth and complexity to the overall sound. The cathartic lyrics touch on themes of freedom, struggle, liberation, resilience, and determination. The synths add an otherworldly quality to the sound, creating a wide-ranging musical and emotional scope.

This alternative electronic rock song combines stunning synths and a wide ranging musical and emotional scope. “Hopes” by electronic producer Perdurabo is a captivating and emotive track that effortlessly blends epic and serene elements.

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