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Joh – Disposable | Soft Pop

“Disposable” is Joh’s latest release in a slew of new tracks they’re putting out to make a mark on the music industry. Joh’s style, the way I see it, can be characterised as a mix of soft pop, with some elements of indie rock added in for extra flavour. Keep reading for my review of “Disposable”, off Joh’s latest album, “Hiatus”.

The song starts off mellow, with an acoustic guitar riff setting the tone quite well for the themes in the song; as her vocals take over, there is this tinge of harmony blended in that adds new dimension and meaning in the song, and this theme of harmony-laden delivery continues for the rest of the song. It’s just the guitar and the vocals in a mellow dalliance with each other for a few bars, until the synths, and the drums kick (if you may excuse the pun) in– lending their timbre to a more open, more energetic flow throughout the song.

The drumming is interesting, with the consistent backbeat rhythm keeping things groovy and distinctive, while the synths and pianos in the background that I picked up on, completing the production train of this song– and I found the production to be great, simplistic in its ways yet powerful enough in the recipe to keep things engaging for my whole duration listening to this song.

With “Disposable”, Joh comes out with a winner here, a soft ballad that is easy on the ears and an engaging listen overall. Check out “Disposable” by Joh here!

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