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“Copacabana”, by Livi Jacobs: Clean, crisp vocals with memories, wrapped up as cheery pop

Introducing Livi Jacobs, a singer-songwriter originally hailing from Vienna, Austria, who has always had a deep passion for music. Her journey began early, with Livi composing her first song at the tender age of 10. Over the years, she dedicated herself to perfecting her musical talents, and as a teenager, she started gaining local acclaim by gracing the stages of various venues in her current home state of Florida. Her latest single, “Copacabana”, journeys us to the place, weaving a view of the ocean itself. Keep reading for my thoughts!

One thing that immediately stands out is the acoustic guitar in the intro, which finds use beyond the classical melodic instrument, additionally contributing rhythm and percussion in the beginning of the song, until Livi’s vocals take up the spotlight, her clean, crisp vocals sounding impressive from the very first breath.

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There is also very smart use of space all through the recording, employing effects like the wafty reverbs to give the impression of an expansive soundstage, gradually holding the energy steady until the listener is jolted into a high-energy, hip-hop style beat for the hook, retaining the heavy melodic base of the song, that makes for a great fusion of styles.

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As the verses follow after on “Copacabana”, the clever use of the reverbs fills up the space again, smoothing out the dynamics of the song, also allowing for some very clever production tricks that are only completed by Livi’s raspy voice, that seem to remain within the Goldilocks of her vocal range throughout the duration of the song, in result yielding a product that sounds effortless, and very comfortably sung. To execute vocals with such effortlessness is something that earned this song, and Livi, by extension, my kudos over the course of my listening to this song.

To wrap up, “Copacabana” is a song like the place– cheerful, wistful, and overall expertly executed with a great mix to top it all off– and earns my two-thumbs-up recommendation! Check out the track here:

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