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Tazman Jack-Keep It Burning-Acoustic Version
Tazman Jack-Keep It Burning-Acoustic Version
Tazman Jack-Keep It Burning-Acoustic Version

Tazman Jack strips it down to the heart with a personal touch in “Keep It Burning-Acoustic Version”

Tazman Jack is a poet with an imbibed soul for music. His songwriting is personal, image rich and perfect to the sequences he chooses to paint a picture. Music seems to be a secondary pulse for him, as all his releases show. The latest single we hear is an acoustic rendition of one of his more popular songs. This is Keep It Burning-Acoustic Version. 

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Singing with the same groove

He retains the rhythm using the soft strings of the guitar. The synth echo in the back loops like a lyre-a sentiment to keep that “running” sound. Taking time for his vocal entry, the punch is imminent. Up close, personal and complementing the light guitar work, you’ll feel like you’re at home. Tazman Jack is the rendering of your heart’s deepest desires and the love you have for another. If you have heard the original, you’ll see the groove wrap itself around his vocals. The delivery doesn’t lose any charm, if anything-we get closer to the matters of the heart. Synth styles change in the background, having a vibrant dynamic shift for the chorus. It is a hop, skip and jump forward from his 2021 album, Eyes Closed. St y tuned for the next chapter to come!

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Incredibly personal moments from his life and experiences are reimagined in his music. Tazman Jack is a stylish indie icon who is making writing songs on his own terms. Deeper & Eyes Closed are some must-listens, and you can explore his catalogue to become a fan like I am. Listen to the single here!:  

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