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Robby and the Secret-Save a Prayer
Robby and the Secret-Save a Prayer
Robby and the Secret-Save a Prayer

Robby and the Secret-Save a Prayer | The final breath

Hearing Johnny Cash sing his famous lyrics used to shake me to my core. Robby and the Secret bring that kind of music to you, soul-stirring, emotional and truthful. With just a hint of truth creating what are the beautiful premise for the songs we love and believe in, they bring another track. This one is called, Save a Prayer.

Mimicking chimes in the gentle breeze, the piano opens the track. The vocals are of a man with experiences, with stories of love, anger, hate and loss. If this is a fabrication through fiction, the vocals and execution of lyrics really sell this track. The sorcery is in keeping the track simple, yet foreshadowing the immense sombre that this song is soaked in.

When the harmonics enter, they take the back seat, just a gentle shove to an oscillating, memorable song. The brilliance is obvious in how they have executed this acoustic number. The strings add another dimension to the drama, a black curtain where the white gloves dance in excitement. Their album 40 seasons is a credo to the effort and care taken in execution of music that soothes and narrates. Listen to Robby and the Secret with their brilliant single here:

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