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Mats Dernánd-Everybody Has a Story
Mats Dernánd-Everybody Has a Story
Mats Dernánd-Everybody Has a Story

Mats Dernánd-Everybody Has a Story (ft. Emma Nilsdotter) | A heart’s tale

Multi-instrumentalists claim to make a song and instead create a film. Such is the range of their knowledge and understanding of music. Mats Dernánd is no different. His songs jump genres quicker than a British PM, and this is his latest, superbly composed single, Everybody Has a Story.

Can you simplify the simplicity of what you don’t know? Apart from being a stupid question, this is the position I find myself in. This song has the ballad swing of a Rik Ocasek song, yet so many layers I can’t figure out. The strings and slide guitars add the emotional spark this track needs. The chorus is one of the best I’ve heard for any song this year. The vocal mastery between the harmonics from Mats Dernánd and Emma Nilsdotter can put any duo to shame. There is a way of channelling these emotions with a mastery and feel which is difficult to put a finger on.

If only they had finished the track sooner, it would have been good. Mats takes it to great by creating a nice shift at 2:30, creating a whole new microcosm of sound. This moment is spent in a heart-to-heart, which bridges to the chorus. Mats has an intense song called She’s Called Grace which shows the kind of master songwriter he is. He’s prepared for surprising and baring his soul for whatever compositions he gifts us. Listen to his beautiful single here:

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